What gogotick does?

Gogotick helps you make your event fun. And in addition how many times have you gone to a concert, wedding or any other type of events and when you return you do not have your pictures or videos? It also happens many times that you have to ask your friends to send you the pictures/videos and if you are the photographer, you have to spend a lot of time organizing and sending them to everyone. Share photos and short videos at events. Gogotick is an App available in the Google Play and App Store that solves this problem by ensuring your privacy, security and in an easy and fun way.

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Make your event fun

Share and organize your moments by events, guaranteeing your privacy. Create photo contests and short videos in a simple way to boost your event. You will have your pictures/videos organized and you will be able to share them only with the friends or relatives that you want. All in a safe way, which guarantees that your pictures/videos are not lost, and with no efforts.

Share photos and short videos at events privately

Each moment is a personal experience to remember, and the album also is that way. But in most cases these pictures/videos are spread across many cameras of our friends or relatives and the task of collecting and sharing them with everyone is long and tedious. In addition save your album in Dropbox, Drive or your mobile, with the photos of your holidays, weddings and private events.

Foto contest

You will easily dynamize your event. Each participant can vote the photos or videos they like. In the three points menu, is shown the result of the contest. Everyone to vote …

Private groups

Participants can create private groups to share among themselves, there is no group limitation. For example in a wedding, the friends of the groom or the bride, can create their group to share different contents to those of the event. Or in a public event you and your friends for example.

Individual albums

The event is the same but everyone has a different experience, and each one’s album may be different. Save it in Dropbox, Drive or your mobile.

Public events

You can look for concerts or public events that our clients have created for you. You can also buy tickets and create your private groups to share with your friends.

Private forums

All the events and groups have their own forum for chatting among the participants.

Short videos

You can create short videos or add them from your favorite mobile or video application. With our editor you can select the 10-second sections you want to share.

Gogotick Connect ©

(Coming soon)

Gogotick uses a proprietary transmission protocol, Gogotick Connect ©, which allows Gogotick users transfer multimedia (and other type of files as well) of any size, with other Gogotick users, without the need of an internet connection, saving data plans, and with the speed and privacy that other social methods do not offer.

Magic? If it is not, … it looks like…(currently patent pending and available sooner than you think).

Our own technology

We have developed our own technology which is patent pending.


Real HD

All the resolution and storage that your mobile allows, real High Definition (HD).

Without Internet

You will not need an Internet connection. Neither data plan nor WIFI. It is also the fastest way to transfer that you will see. It is safe, private and without any limitations.


Magic? If it is not, … it looks like…


Recognition of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as an accredited innovative company. Thanks to our activity in the field of Research, Technological Development and Technological Innovation (R + D + i).


This company has received a grant co-financed at 50% by the European Regional Development Fund through the 2014-2020 ERDF Operational Program of Navarre.